mani monday: band aid

chanel brings nail art to a whole new level.

When it comes to setting nail polish trends, there's Chanel--and then there's everyone else.

So the first thing we checked when the Chanel couture show in Paris ended last week was not the clothes or the front row line-up, but rather what was on the models' fingers. And here's where we were thrown for a loop: There was no discernible nail polish on the fingers--because instead, the models were wearing what we've dubbed finger rings.

Think of the finger ring as the knuckle ring's younger sister; instead of resting a few inches up along your digit, it hovers right by the cuticle. "They are absolutely stunning editorial pieces--they take something we love and make it extreme," says Rony Vardi, owner of Brooklyn-based jewelry store Catbird and the spot for dainty knuckle rings.

We have to agree--they're pretty jaw-dropping upon first look, and backstage models were tweeting up a storm posting photos of their nail ring-adorned fingers. But does this mean that the new hot trend in nail color isn't a color at all, but instead all about accessorizing? On the one hand, it would mean not having to worry about chipping. But really, how much could you actually do with these nail rings on? "[They're] definitely novelty--these are editorial--you couldn't actually do anything with those on," agrees Vardi, wondering, "What if you feel like playing piano?"

Or typing on a computer, or using your phone's touchscreen, or flipping the pages of a book. But then, fashion isn't always meant to be convenient; have you ever tried going to the bathroom in under five minutes while wearing a jumpsuit? Though we haven't yet found any rings expressly made to be worn on your nail (other than those weird talon-like faux-finger ones), you could either size down when purchasing a knuckle ring or, if it's the sparkle that you're into, try Catbird's Fairy Light Diamond First Knuckle Rings (which are available online starting today); as Vardi points out, "They're much more wearable, but just as fancy. Maybe even fancier!"