NYLON x DKNY Jeans: Petra Collins

It's here! Our 10th NYLON x DKNY JEANS collaboration, featuring Petra Collins. After showing her the finished cut, we had a quick chat with Petra this morning and this is what she had to tell us...

COLOR: "The shoot was really fun and chill. I really like how it came out - really summery, dreamy, lazy. And lazy to me is a really good word. The stylist, Jessie, pulled coulours from my photos for the outfits - you can see it especially in the pink blazer I'm wearing in the gallery, which was very Miami Vice to me. I'm such a visual person and colour for me is very important both in my work and life. It's just such a way to convey mood and time and anything, really. My favorite outfit was probably the bodysuit and the jeans. I like wearing things that make me feel very comfortable, things that I can run in. Alot of DKNY JEANS is just really easy to wear, and really worked with the whole 90s feel of the shoot."

WHERE WE WENT: "Shooting in Capricious 88 was great because I had my first solo show there, so it feels like home to me. And then the roof was just like, really relaxing. Being on roofs in cities is kind of like, what's that word? sublime - when the world is kind-of overwhelming, there's this massive space and environment that can kind of swallow you whole, but you are somehow in control of it. Having my friends there was great, because it just felt like any other day. And all of those people together are really awesome because everyone's all doing really interesting, different things."

THE SONG: "The soundtrack is 'It Is What It Is' by my friend Dev Hynes [Blood Orange]. One thing Ryan McGinley really taught me was the music you listen to can inform the work you make - like you can make the images feel like the music. Blood Orange just really feels like teenagers, New York, a lot of the subjects of my photos. His recent soundtrack to Palo Alto - besides the film being so good, I think his music really captures teenage-hood in this perfect way. Actually, the first time we met was really insane - I met him and was like 'I listen to you all the time when I'm taking photos!' and he was like 'I look at your photos when I'm making music!' So, that was really cool."

Get Petra's look here.

(Editors note: Check back on Friday for Petra's Gallery Guide and hear all about her upcoming exhibition with her friends @its_meandyou. Also, do yourself a favor and follow Petra on Instagram if you aren't already. And follow DKNYJEANS.)

Directed, Produced, and Edited by Blair Waters 

DP: Ben Carey 

Super 8 Camera: Kate Bennis 

Colorist: Samuel Gursky at Irving Harvey  

Associate Producer: Daniel Huskey

Stylist: Jessie Tate [ website ]

Stylist Assistant: Helen Schulteis

Makeup + Hair: Natalia López de Quintana [ website ]

Featured Music: Blood Orange – ‘It Is What It Is’  [ Dev Hynes / Domino Records ]

Thanks to Capricious 88 Gallery, Devonte Hynes and Domino Records.

Additional Talent:

Michael Bailey Gates + Claire Christerson. You can see both their work at

Lauren Dillard [ website ] 

Matt Sukkar  [ website ]

Jasper Briggs [ website ]

Alexandra Marzella, who had a popular instagram that was deleted yesterday.