Photo courtesy of Shy Luv


Shy Luv Take Us On A Musical “Joyrider”

’70s alien vibes

Every sector of culture is finding itself borrowing the most badass trends from the past. The biggest show of this year, Stranger Things, explored the addictingly eerie underside of the 1980s, all stylish stars can be found donning chokers (hello 1994). And let's not forget when the queen herself, Beyoncé, had a '70s themed Soultrain birthday party, roller rink and all.

London-based electronic duo Shy Luv, consisting of producers Sam Knowles and Jake Norman, totally got the nostalgia trend memo. With their single “Joyrider,” the electropop hitmakers managed to repackage '70s beats and vocals into a modern digital musical experience. The resulting electropop-disco collision is a four minute long track that bridges the past, the present, and the future.

"Me and Sam had been away from each other for a couple of months over summer, and this came out of the first few days back together," said Norman. "The little hypnotic guitar reminded us of night rider, so we played with that and wrote the song with some help from our friend Lucy."

Seventies-inspired, the track’s modern touches make “Joyrider” timeless. To keep the tune in 2016, the savvy producers charged the single with characteristically modern touches like funky baselines and sharp percussion. Knowles' vocals flit between soulful and airy, traveling through time and genre pretty seamlessly.

Existing both in the past and the present (deep, right?), this dance track gives off some serious futuristic disco embracing alien vibes. So, grab your best disco attire (think The Get Down), dust off those roller skates, and give this upbeat track a listen, below.