Aside from Lady Gaga's iconic meat dress, fashion and food rarely ever fuse--outside the blogosphere, that is.

Thanks to an surge in style-meets-cuisine blogs, we've seen how the two cultural institutions share a great deal of similarities, particularly when it comes to trends. And no food group caters to flavor of the month more than the dessert, whether it be Pinkberry, cake pops, macaroons, etc.

Like with trends in clothing, attempting to determine the origin of the latest sugary fad often results in conflicting findings (Was Annie Hall the initial influence behind the menswear trend for women? Can we really credit "Sex and the City" as the sole impetus for the never-ending cupcake craze?). While some trends disappear before we even get a chance to test them out, others miraculously stick around for what feels like an eternity--as seen with the boyfriend jean in fashion, and red velvet with desserts.

In the end, we're left with a series of questions: Do dessert connoisseurs care about the latest cake craze? Like fashionistas, can foodies predict the next “It' dessert?

To answer these questions, we decided to consult the masterminds behind two of our favorite food-fashion blogs, Lookbook Cookbook (known for pairing vegan treats with pretty models and really cool clothes) and Butter Me Up Brooklyn (our go-to for baking inspiration, paired with witty commentary). And it just so happens they have completely opposing points of view. So buckle up, because this dessert war isn't just some Easy Bake Oven nonsense.
lookbookcookbookjt_4065 (photo credit: Lookbook Cookbook)

Be it resolved, the cupcake is more than just a trend; it's an icon.

Affirmative: “I will always be a sucker for any sort of cupcake. Everyone loves eating a classic treat that reminds them of their childhood" --  Jessica Milan, Lookbook Cookbook

Negative:  "I'm not really big on staying up to date with the trends. I would never wait in line for 5 hours for a cupcake. Food fads come and go. It's more for just mainstream culinary markets now." -- Lillie Auld, Butter Me Up Brooklyn

butter me up brooklyn
(photo credit: Butter Me Up Brooklyn)

Be it resolved, the It dessert on the rise is re-creations of classic chocolate bars.

Affirmative: "A huge trend right now seems to be recreating classic chocolate bars or confectionary, such as peppermint patties, peanut butter cups, or Mars Bars."-- Milan

Negative: "What's next? I don't know. A weird popcorn cone?"-- Auld

buttermeupbk (photo credit: Butter Me Up Brooklyn)

Be it resolved, the S'more is about to make a major comeback.

Affirmative: "Yes! I'm sure s'more brownies or cupcakes would taste amazing as well. I've been meaning to do a vegan version on on Lookbook Cookbook for a while now." -- Milan

Another Affirmative!: "I would 100-percent agree with you on that one.  It's like a year-round version of an ice cream sandwich!"-- Auld



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