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    31 Days of DIY Denim: Day 10, Denim Banner

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    by Sydney Gore 2016-08-10T15:00:00-04:00

    Photographed by Ricky Michiels.

    NYLON staffers created unique, DIY projects using denim in honor of our annual Denim Issue. Check back here every day of August to see a new project. 

    What you’ll need:
    Thin marker
    Hot glue gun

    Step 1: Cut large triangles out of base denim with scissors. (Pro tip: Measure the triangles with a ruler, to make them all the same size, and then draw on to the denim with a thin marker. You can also do this by cutting around the first triangle.)

    Step 2: Cut smaller triangles of denim for the top layer with scissors.

    Step 3: Using a hot glue gun, attach the small triangles in the center of the large triangles.

    Step 4: Cut a piece of string to the length of your choice.

    Step 5: Space your triangles, and then glue them onto the string with the hot glue gun.

    Step 6: Wait a few minutes to dry.

    Step 7: Hang up your banner/garland.

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