3 Quick & Easy Protective Hair Styles to Try Right Now

Get your curls and coils just right this summer.

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If you have semi-tight curls to kinks, then your hair goals this summer should be all about retaining moisture and staying frizz-free with as little maintenance as possible.

Luckily, celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms shared three quick and easy protective styles to try with NYLON. Click through to see for yourself.

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Airy Top Knot

What’s easier than throwing all of your hair on top of your head? Nothing. According to Nelms, a top knot is the perfect balance of feeling effortless while still looking put-together. “Airy Top knots are chic and versatile. You can give a playful, tousled look with fly-aways and tendrils, or a more conservative look with more structure.”

Nelms notes that this hairspray’s soft hold will keep your hair laid without becoming too helmet-y. “Lightly spray your brush or comb before applying it to your hair. This will create a smooth look, but won't make your hair too hard.”

Depending on how thick your curls or kinks are, a boar bristle brush will most likely be the way to go for brushing your hair up into a top knot. The soft and hard bristles will help get the style you want without ripping or breaking your hair.


Braids, no matter the type, are the go-to protective style. Keeping your hair in braids “aids in keeping the hair tucked away in efforts to discourage tugging, heat damage and manipulation,” Nelms notes.

No matter what style of braids you prefer, you’re going to want to use either a gel or styling pomade to help tame any frizziness.

Two Flat Twists

Flat twists are a super cute and easy style to do — and can be worn in multiple ways. “With two flat twists on each side, you can let them both hang like [pigtails], you can put them into [a] bun at the back of your neck, or you can twist them into two buns for a fun, playful look.”

“The key is moisture,” Nelms said. With your hair in any protective style, you want to keep it as hydrated and moisturized as possible. Nelms recommends applying this oil before doing flat twists.

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