The Best Cartoon Beauty Inspiration, From Penny Proud To Sailor Moon

Subtle hints of fantasy in your everyday looks.

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Cartoons have long played a role in the world of beauty, inspiring countless collections and introducing the world to the art of animated glamour. The cartoon worlds depicted of your favorite television series will forever remain a fantasy, but that doesn't mean you can't bring animated beauty elements to life in the real world.

From the '90s-inspired looks featured in Daria to the continuous use of color to identify the Powerpuff Girls, cartoons can be a steady source of beauty inspiration. Ahead, find out how you can incorporate four cartoon beauty routines in your daily makeup regimen.

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Sailor Moon

Taking beauty inspiration from this pretty Guardian won't require the help of a talking cat. Sailor Moon is all about light, love, and glitter, which can easily translate into a chosen makeup routine.

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Getting your hands on the Sailor Moon-inspired eyeshadow palette from ColourPop has proved a bit challenging. Thankfully, this collection of shimmer and matte shades features the color and sparkle needed of a guardian-inspired look.

Don't rely on embarrassing yourself in front of a masked crush to get the perfect shade of flushed cheeks. Glosiser Cloud Paint will give you that dewy, cute glow, even without the power of the moon.

Pull your hair back with one — or two, should you want to give yourself the Sailor Moon buns — sheeny, gold claw clip.

Penny Proud

In the words of Penny Proud, she was cute, loud, and her beauty routine had it going on. Although she kept her makeup routine fairly minimal, her hair was a signature style for the character, parted in two voluminous ponytails.


This medium brown shade is a near match for Penny's neutral lip.

Get Penny's definition and shine without loosing volume or style. This gel will help keep even the curliest of hair in check, ensuring your style stays in place. Just don't forget your Penny-inspired ponytail holders.

Get Penny's signature cat eye — and iconic birth mark — with this no-budge formula from Haus Labs.

The Powerpuff Girls

You'll needs lots of color, and some attitude, if you want to nail down a look worthy of the Powerpuff Girls. In case your makeup bag doesn't contain sugar, spice, and everything nice, the products ahead should come in handy.

Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock
Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 2
anastasia beverly hills

The pinks, greens, and blues included of this palette should prove handy in creating a PPG-inspired eye routine.

Fashion this red bow around your updo for a ponytail that Blossom would approve of.

Formulated with bergamot, Italian lemon, sandalwood, and more, this Ouai spray delivers an intoxicating scent along with powerful volume.


When it comes to current beauty trends, the '90s remain as relevant as ever. Daria and Jane weren't exactly ones to follow the trends, but their minimal makeup is super easy to incorporate in your own modernized routine.


An essential red of any beauty routine, this shade is a match for Jane's signature red lip.

At an affordable $4, you can outline your lips in a Daria-approved shade of brown. Fill in the rest of your lips with color or go with gloss.

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