Soundcheck: The 10 Best Music Releases The Week Of March 15, 2021


Every week, we bring you #SOUNDCHECK — your destination for the best new music that hit the web over the course of the week. Because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week's roundup features 10 of our favorite emerging and established artists.

“Dámelo To’” - Selena Gomez ft. Myke Towers

Selena Gomez’ first Spanish-language EP, Revelacion, is finally out — and “Dámelo To” is the perfect tune to welcome the humidity back in.

“Haunted” - Laura Les

Laura Les screams about going insane over a Grimes-esque beat.

Laura Les

“Hey DJ” - Cookiee Kawaii

Jersey club queen Cookiee Kawaii is back with this dreamy mid-tempo tune about falling in love with the DJ — which, we have.


“Thumbs” - Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus’ fan-favorite and devastating track “Thumbs” is finally out. It is also guaranteed to make you cry.

“Spinning” (A. G. Cook Remix) - Charli XCX, The 1975, No Rome

Sound magician A. G. Cook manages to clubify Charli XCX, The 1975, and No Rome’s “Spinning” even more. And what else would you expect — it’s good.

“sing about love” - Fousheé

This unhurried, romantic song from Fousheé feels like soaking in a warm bath.

“Puppy” - Doss

Cult DJ Doss — who’s worked with the late Sophie and A. G. Cook — strikes up a vibrant and blissed out tune on the cute “Puppy.”

“PISTOLWHIP” - spill tab

Newcomer spill tab has shared “PISTOLWHIP,” a sweet and buzzy indie-pop track that bursts into a cloud of static on its hook.

Arista Records

“Jour 2” - Hildegard

Hildegard is Montreal musicians Ouri and Helena Deland. Together, they’re making some of the most hypnotic and captivating electronic music now.


“Materialistic” - Remember Sports

On “Materialistic,” the warbly, gorgeous vocals of Philly band Remember Sports’ Camen Perry hold their own against cathartic waves of guitar.


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