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Carly Rae Jepsen's "Beach House" & 9 Other New Songs Out This Week


Every week, we bring you #SOUNDCHECK — your destination for the best new music that hit the web over the course of the week. Because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week's roundup features 10 of our favorite emerging and established artists.

“Beach House” - Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen’s tongue-in-cheek ode to toxic boys and their red flags is also her sauciest song to date. (YouTube)

“hover like a GODDESS” - Willow

Dedicated to the “diving goddess” in all of us, Willow’s latest track is another skilled pop-emo excursion from the young rocker. (YouTube)

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“Forever 1” - Girls’ Generation

Legendary K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation still sound fresh, bubbly, and sugary sweet on their long-awaited comeback track, “Forever 1.” (YouTube)

“Spinal Tap” - Okay Kaya

Some songs defy easy understanding and Brooklyn chanteuse Okay Kaya’s latest is the weirdest, magical song we’ve attempted to decipher. (YouTube)

“Dipset” - TiaCorine

Come for the bright video game-like beat, and stay for North Carolina rapper TiaCorine’s impressive, rapid-fire flow. (YouTube)

Secretly Canadian
“How Was Your Day?” - Stella Donnelly

Cynical, talk-y indie rock has been all the rage lately, but Stella Donnelly’s cheerful try proves it can be earnest and delightful too. (YouTube)

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“Bicstan” - Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke’s “Bicstan” is a hyperactive dancefloor explosion that must be properly experienced by viewing its accompanying, unhinged Patti Harrison-starring music video. (YouTube)

“DRY2WET” - That Kid

Horny cyber robots in the ‘00s is the energy we get from cult internet whiz That Kid’s dizzying new track, “Dry2Wet.” (YouTube)

“Rainbow Tables (feat. Biig Piig)” - Bien Et Toi

Rippling, hypnotic synths by Grammy-winning producer Bien et Toi combine with Irish crooner Biig Piig’s lush vocals for a mind-massaging experience. (YouTube)

“Norma” - Say She She

Beyond being a groovy, lively listen, She She She’s disco anthem “Norma” is also an emphatic refute of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. “We will not go back!” (YouTube)

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