Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner standing in front of an announcement board for Sandy Liang's NY...


Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner Gets Ready for Sandy Liang’s NYFW Show

BTS with the singer and best-selling author as she gets ready for New York Fashion Week.

What is your typical getting ready ritual?

I usually sit on a pillow on the ground by my bedroom mirror, dump all of my makeup out on the ground, and just go in hoping for the best.

What are you most excited about for a Sandy Liang show?

I just get excited to go broke afterwards! Sandy has such wearable pieces that feel meant for me and going to her shows always has me looking forward to my future outfits. Her looks are somehow perfect for showy performances and elevated every day.

Describe your look for today:

Blushing milk maiden.

“The Sandy Liang show this season could be described as… Cardcaptor Sakura means business!”

Photo by Olivia Harrington

What is your favorite thing about New York Fashion Week?

I love getting to see an artist’s visions come to life—all the designs, the styling, the cool production that goes into showcasing a theme and working within the limitations of an ephemeral runway space.

Photo by Olivia Harrington

What is your least favorite thing about New York Fashion Week?

I hate sitting next to people who can’t hold eye contact because they’re constantly looking for someone more famous to talk to.

Photo by Olivia Harrington

What trends are you really into right now?

I’m very into sweater vests as well as the return of indie sleaze.

Photo by Olive Harrington

“I hate natural makeup — I’m in the Dolly Parton camp of more is more!”

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