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Yes, Sydney Sweeney Has Seen All Your Euphoria Memes

Because we all know Cassie, in particular, is extremely memeable.

Sydney Sweeney went on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, where she discussed her journey to stardom, as well as weighed in on her favorite Euphoria memes.

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Sweeney, who is from the small college town Spokane, Washington, says when she was 11, she presented a five-year business plan via Powerpoint for her parents to convince them to let her pursue acting.

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“I was a little girl with a big imagination,” she told Fallon. “It took a little longer than five years.” She added: “It was a little harder than I imagined. It’s not as glamorous as you think it is.”

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While I personally had a lot more questions about how a girl goes from Spokane, Washington to Cosmopolitan cover girl, Fallon pivoted to talking about Euphoria memes. He showed her the meme of Cassie screaming: “I’ve never, ever been happier!” with her face covered in mascara. “I sent that to my mom,” Sweeney told Fallon, sharing that that scene was the first they filmed when shooting Season 2.

The next meme Fallon showed was Cassie hiding in the bathtub during in the Season 2 premiere episode , with the caption: “Me hiding when the door dash person knocks instead of just leaving the food there.” “But why is this so accurate?” Sweeney joked. “Why are we so scared of them?”

He also showed the meme of “Cassie in high school vs. me in high school,” where you post an awkward-looking photo of you as a real teen in high school student next to Sydney Sweeney as a full 24-year-old.

“Because just the way the characters dress on Euphoria,” Fallon explained. “They got their sh*t together,” Sweeney added before Fallon admonished her for swearing on the show. “You can’t say ‘together,’” he joked.

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He then presented her with the same meme, only with a photo of Sweeney during her sophomore year of high school looking — wait for it! — very normal! Unlike Cassie with her hours-long beauty routine and gingham crop top, she’s wearing a hoodie with a ponytail and Army boots. Celebrities: They used to be just like us!


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