14 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers and Chocolate

Kiss and makeup.

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and with the holiday comes the pressure to buy gifts that show how much you really care for the object of your affections. Red roses, teddy bears, and heart-shaped boxes of candy are classics, but dare we say, a little stale. For the beauty lover in your life, why not opt instead for a chic rose-scented perfume or a lipstick that tastes like dessert? Or better yet, just treat yourself!

Here are 14 adorable beauty gifts to love on Valentine’s Day and use all year round.

Byredo’s newest fragrance isn’t your regular rose scent, it’s like a cool rose. The primary floral note is blended with Sichuan Pepper and musk for a totally unique fragrance.

Red lipstick is a Valentine’s Day staple. This brand new one is blessed by Rihanna herself and comes in her favorite scent, vanilla-peach.

Bombshell bouncy hair starts in the shower and with a little TLC (and a volumizing shampoo).

A complexion refreshing “Love” mask is an easy way to gift self-care in a jar.

Lip Locket Necklace
Jullian Dempsey

Kristen Stewart has been spotted wearing this necklace all over town, combining the best of beauty and jewelry.

Roses are red, violets are blue, this 3D blush comes in five flattering hues.

You can get touchable, bedhead volume fast with this texture-transforming powder.

Lip Mask 5-Pack
KNC Beauty

A lip-specific mask is the height of skin care indulgence.

Indulge in five delicious throwback desserts (Jello Salad, anyone?) with Vacation’s vintage-inspired lip balm set.

Tom Ford’s new spicy baies rose, Italian Begamont, and mandarin fragrance is meant to transport you to a romantic coastal vacation.


Dress up your acne for the holiday with pimple patches that look like conversation hearts.

Does it get any cuter than a velvety liquid lipstick in a heart-shaped tube?

Everyone could use a hyaluronic acid-filled moisturizer to give their skin a hydrated glow.

Shimmery, duo-chrome glitter makes any eye makeup look a little flirtier.

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