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Paramore's "This Is Why" & 9 Other New Songs Out This Week


Every week, we bring you #SOUNDCHECK — your destination for the best new music that hit the web over the course of the week. Because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week's roundup features 10 of our favorite emerging and established artists.

“This Is Why” - Paramore

Paramore’s first song in five years is a jolt to the system sonically, with those scuzzy guitars, and thematically, as they confront post-pandemic truths. (YouTube)

“Beep” - MIA

Beep, beep, M.I.A. coming through with another rambunctious cut about being a trailblazer and owning her lane. (YouTube)

One Little Independent Records
“Allow” - Björk, Emilie Nicolas

The prettiest song on Björk’s new album, Fossora, comes courtesy of a very whimsical flute section and the siren backing vocals of Norwegian singer, Emilie Nicolas. (YouTube)

Because Music Ltd.
“Shlut” - Shygirl

Shygirl expounds on the merits of being a “shlut” on this cheekily titled but totally serious new track. (YouTube)

“That Girl” - Bree Runway

U.K.’s Bree Runway is not only an it girl, but that girl on her flashy new song that reminds us of her stunning versatility. (YouTube)

Fueled by Ramen
“Say It (To My Face)” - Meet Me @ The Altar

Meet Me @ The Altar’s spirited pop-punk this time tackles a relevant topic to all of us: the plague of reply guys and online trolls. (YouTube)

Grand Jury
“Kill Her Freak Out” - Samia

The production on Samia’s “Kill Her Freak Out” is spare and muted so it’s her songwriting that runs the show: searing, candid, and brutally honest. (YouTube)

MadMcFerrin Music
“Stay Away (From Me)” - Madison McFerrin

Madison McFerrin’s suave neo-soul also carries with it a hint of darkness: “So am I runnin’ in your mind/ Or am I runnin’ out of time?” (YouTube)

PC Music
“Breaking Ground” - Hyd

Hyd’s revelatory new song pairs her her personal breakthroughs with crystalline and dramatic pop that earns the PC Music label. (YouTube)

“Looking For Trouble” - Precious Pepala

This arresting track from Precious Pepala broaches rape culture and victim blaming through searing storytelling: “The street lights are calling her name, she’s drawn like a moth to a flame/ But she’s never safe.” (YouTube)

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