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12 TikTok-Famous Musicians You Should Know Right Now

They *are* the moment.

When it comes to music discovery in 2020, TikTok is the wild wild West — and these 12 musicians are its current victors. From the sweet and sharp raps of Flo Milli, to the dulcet croons of bedroom-pop singer Benee; they're leading the charge on where music's going next.


Perhaps one of TikTok's earliest viral stars, Ashnikko's bubbly-punk raps are as bold as her iconic blue pigtails. She most recently collaborated with Grimes for her latest track "Cry."

Lewis Vorn

Avenue Beat

The Quincy, Illinois-based trio of friends took over TikTok with their catchy "Fuck 2020" anthem, gaining 4.5 million views in less than a day.

The Valory Music Co./Tape Room Records

Flo Milli

You might recognize the Mobile, Alabama-based rapper from her addictive sing-songy flow, and iconic tagline ("Flo Milli shit"), as heard on the viral "In The Party."

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Auckland, New Zealand singer Benee has skyrocketed into the spotlight with her self-deprecating and super relatable bop "Supalonely."

Imogene Wilson


There's not much out there about Philly rapper KBFR at the moment, but that's surely to change as the instructional and joyous "Hood Baby" — that's soundtracked dance challenges and terrifying stunts — climbs the charts.

Instagram: @_kbfr


Talky, off-kilter raps and playful production characterize Vancouver-based rapper bbno$'s music. "Lalala," his song with producer Y2K, ruled the platform on 2019, with his latest song "nursery" not far behind.

Instagram: @bbnomula


Vancouver lo-fi artist Powfu first blew up on TikTok with his song "deathbed," a dreamy, Beabadoobee-sampling tune that's soundtracked people making pancakes and kissing their best friends. He's now released a new EP called poems of the past.


BMW Kenny

The man behind TikTok's #MirrorChallenge soundtrack is Kenneth Cole, a songwriter who's written hits for Justin Bieber, Rae Sremmurd and Trey Songz. Now, labels are fighting to sign him as his first single "Wipe It Down" is at 3.2 million TikTok posts and counting.

Instagram: @iambmwkenny


It's hard to tell if Orlando duo SALES knows they're TikTok famous judging from their social media. Either way, their whimsical indie-rock tunes have been soundtracking everything from pimple-squeezing videos to the tiniest of butt wagging videos. The latest song of theirs to quietly ascend on the charts is their 2013 serenade, "renee."

Instagram: @wearenotsales

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