Ava Phillippe getting ready for Kate Spade's NYFW Presentation


Ava Phillippe Gets Ready for Kate Spade’s NYFW Presentation

The rising It Girl spends her 23rd birthday at New York Fashion Week.

What is your typical getting ready process?

When I can, I really like taking my time to get ready for a big event. Each step of the glam process, from the makeup and hair to putting on my shoes before hurrying out the door, helps prepare me to go out and be my most confident self. So I try and give myself ample time to really enjoy each of those steps and to laugh and tell stories with my glam team. Plus, the more time I have to get ready, the less likely I am to forget to bring something important like a pack of gum, my lipstick, or even my phone!

What is your earliest memory of Kate Spade New York?

I’ve always loved Kate Spade’s cute purses! I think we can all agree that ‘90s style has been making a comeback, and I know that Kate Spade’s Sam bag was definitely an “it” bag back then. It’s still such a classic, staple bag, and I love that by wearing it, I can embrace the resurgence of 9’0s trends and easily accessorize any look. At this point, I really should just get one in every color!

Describe your look for today:

For the event, I’m wearing the terrace striped midi dress, and it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces in the collection. Stripes are a Kate Spade signature after all, and I find that the way they’re used on this dress is both very flattering and eye-catching. I also chose to accessorize with the Sam Icon Tote because it adds a vibrant pop of pink to my look and ties in so well with my pink shoes.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think the way I dress is kind of all over the place. I love exploring trends current and past, and I don’t really hold myself to dressing within a certain genre or style. While I admire those who know themselves and their style well enough to have a consistent vibe with what they wear, I just don’t think I’m that person, at least not yet. What I really love about fashion in general is that it’s always changing and embracing new, imaginative ways of seeing clothing and, often, the world around us.

I treasure my nice, go-to pair of black boots just as I do my collection of t-shirts with meaningful messages and important causes on them! Though I can’t always be super intentional about what I wear (some days it’s just going to have to be leggings and a t-shirt), when I’m going to choose an outfit that represents me and makes me feel confident about how I look, I love being able to find inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

“As soon as I start dressing a little too much like a “rodeo clown,” my lovely mother always steps in with some helpful fashion tips to steer me in the right direction.”

What are your favorite fashion trends right now?

I love to experiment and be creative with what I’m wearing, and I feel like my ever-evolving personal style reflects who I am and what I’m inspired by at any given moment. Whether it’s a bold new trend I saw on TikTok or a style from decades before I was even born, I can honestly say I’ll try just about anything that speaks to me. More specifically, as someone who’s a bit on the shorter side, I love platform shoes of any kind, and with Fall coming up, I’m really excited about being able to wear more blazers and boots.

What were your favorite pieces from this season’s collection?

Spring is such a fun season for fashion. This collection has so many vibrant colors and bold patterns, with a touch of classic elegance. I especially love this black and white striped mid-length dress I wore to the event. As many of us know, stripes aren’t always the most flattering print, and as a short gal myself, I tend to steer clear of any longer dresses, so of course I was very pleasantly surprised by how great I feel in this particular dress! I also loved this light blue, pearl-embellished jacket and dress set I saw in the collection and on one of my favorite TikTok creators at the event, Dylan Mulvaney.

What are your final thoughts on New York Fashion Week?

Like so many, I like to keep my eye on New York Fashion Week to see what the newest trends are and what some of my favorite style icons are wearing on their way to various shows and parties throughout the week. Needless to say, I was thrilled to receive an invitation from Kate Spade to attend their fashion week event and to be able to see some of the styles and festivities firsthand! I must say that the energy in the city this week as well as the fun and memorable looks I’ve seen have exceeded all my expectations.

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