Sydnee Washington gets ready for Susan Alexandra's comedy show


Sydnee Washington Gets Ready for Susan Alexandra's NYFW Comedy Show

BTS with the comedian as she takes to the stage at the Comedy Cellar.

Describe your look for the show:

If Black Barbie didn't know what to wear for lunch but wasn't afraid to wear it all. Cape, belt, hair clips. and bag!

“bury me in susan alexandra”

How did the fashion week crowd compare to your typical comedy show audience?

Better dressed than most comedy crowds. Super present. Obviously they laughed at all my jokes. I have incredible cheekbones and am hilarious.

It was interesting to see them laughing, though. I kinda assumed the fashion girlies were going to have Anna Wintour face: not impressed or pressed to be there. But Susan has a great following; they didn’t disappoint.

“My bestie Marie Faustin, visually & comedically pleasing.”

What did you learn about fashion from performing in this show?

Fashion is really whatever you want it to be, as long as you have a strong sense of your own personal style, a vision, and some coins. You can turn simple beads into extravagant eye catchy works of art a la Susan Alexandra. Also confidence, it’s so important that you believe you're turning a lewk. Imagine trying be be timid and unsure wearing 20 hair clips, fur, and a long velvet gotta sell the vibes and the vision.

“Pushed back my cuticles but forgot the lotion.”

What are your favorite and least favorite things about New York Fashion Week?

Fav: After parties with food or snacks. I wanna see glamorous garments AND eat over priced lobster rolls.

Least Fav: Unkind energy. Just because you know how to dress and have connections at Vogue doesn't mean you can be rude to the bathroom attendant. You can look cool and be nice, that's actually an underrated trend.

“THEE Catherine Cohen”
“Heard these shoes cost the same amount of a Tesla on sale.”

What trends are you really into right now? Which do you hate?

Really feeling the elevated athleisure pieces and brands collab-ing with Adidas. A leather tracksuit with a dope pair of knee high boots, sign me up!

I want that slither of a mini skirt trend to be cremated. I'm not even a prude gal, it just looks uncomfortable. Low rise AND barely any fabric? Just feels like a nightmare for anyone getting out of a taxi or craving a cupcake. That anyone is obviously me, taxis and cupcakes are very much my brand.

“Celebs being celebs: Chloe Fineman, Robby Hoffman, and Hannah Pilkes”

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