Dickies & Gucci Vault Drop A Sparkling, Studded Holiday

The only thing that could make me love Dickies more? A little silver.

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Many of us have already treat our Dickies like luxury items: the iconic workwear-turned-streetwear brand is famously flexible for any setting. Now, Dickies is getting the official designer treatment, with a new collaboration with Gucci Vault.

For the drool-worthy collection, which is out on the Gucci Vault today, Gucci’s artisans embellished studs by hand, grommet by grommet, to pieces like the Dickies Eisenhower Jacket ($7410) and 874 Work Pants ($6590), which both feature larger studs at the top that cascade into smaller pieces to create a crystalline, starry effect.

My personal favorite? The Dickies Eisenhower Crossed Jacket ($4985) which features rockstar-worthy spiked studs on the sleeves.

The collection also includes stud embellishment on the Dickies Work Shirt ($985), which includes studs around the pockets and collar; the 874 Bermuda ($2345), which features striped of studs; and the 874 Short Pants ($5350), where studs in different sizes cover the entire fabric.

The embellished collection is meant to “create a profound dialogue on the essentialness of functionality and self-expression,” according to a release.

In the past, Dickies has partnered with the likes of Opening Ceremony, Our Legacy WORK SHOP and Supreme — but its collaboration with Gucci marks the brand’s induction in the luxury echelon.

To get ahold of the collection, though, be prepared to pay exponentially more than a pair of Dickies. After all; these aren’t your usual 874 pants. Items range from $985 to $7,410 and can be bought from the Gucci Vault now.

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