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Behind-the-Scenes With Angèle at Madison Square Garden

The Belgian superstar shares exclusive BTS images from her guest spot at Dua Lipa's sold out New York show.

With over 3.4 million followers on Instagram, French pop star Angèle is used to commanding a crowd. Earlier this month, she took that to a new level, coming out as a surprise guest at tour-mate Dua Lipa’s sold out Madison Square Garden show. Together, the duo performed their hit single “Fever” — and here, Angèle exclusively shares the behind-the-scenes of what went into the night.

Courtesy of Angèle

What is your pre-show routine or process?

Before going on stage, I often eat tomato pasta with a cup of hot water, honey ginger and lemon. Then I warm up my voice with a few exercices. It helps me focus.

Courtesy of Angèle

How does getting ready for something like MSG differ from your regular night out?

It wasn't that different apart from the excitement. I would say that I was very curious and happy! I didn't know what to expect from Dua's audience, but they were so welcoming to me. I hadn't played in that venue, it was such an honor.

It was so cool. And honestly I wasn't really stressed; I was just going to meet a close friend and have a good time on stage. I was just performing one song so that was mostly a pleasure.

Courtesy of Angèle
Courtesy of Angèle

What was it like performing at MSG with Dua?

It was just amazing. I was so happy to sing Fever live with Dua for the first time on stage. Her audience was very welcoming and I didn't expect people to be that excited when I arrived on stage. I won't forget this moment anytime soon.

Courtesy of Angèle
Courtesy of Angèle

How did you choose your outfit for the night?

We wanted this outfit to match with Dua’s outfit and the set. The dancers are already in white and we liked how it went with the blue lights. It’s for the song called ‘Fever’ and funnily enough, Dua has actually decided to create a very icy aesthetic. It’s almost like we wanted the outfit to reflect the figure skating world, too.

What are your favorite things to do when in New York?

I love to walk around for miles and miles in NYC. I like the idea that on the same day you can drop by the MoMa, then go for long walks in Central Park and end up in vintage shops in SoHo.

I've lived here when I was 18 and it's always a special feeling for me to be back. I love this city so much. I'll be back soon for sure.

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