Nylon Nights

Inside Loosie's — the Lower East Side's Newest Hotspot — With Maddi Waterhouse

The DJ and photographer goes behind the lens for Loosie’s VIP opening night.

Remember that rumor that NYC nightlife was dead? Yeah, not so much. On Thursday, November 3rd, two titans of the nightlife scene, Ronnie Flynn and Dylan Hales, celebrated the opening of their third late night destination, Loosie’s, an ‘80s inspired night club located in the Moxy Lower East Side Hotel. And considering that their last two collabs are The Flower Shop and Little Ways — perennially packed with the It kids of the downtown scene — this is a place you want to know.

Need more proof? Here, DJ and photographer Maddi Waterhouse shares her snaps from inside the club’s VIP opening night exclusively with NYLON.

Photo by Maddi Waterhouse