Chase Sui Wonders getting ready for COS’s NYFW Show
Photo by Jeanie Sui Wonders


Chase Sui Wonders Gets Ready For COS’s NYFW Show

BTS. with the Bodies, Bodies, Bodies actress, with a special appearance from EmRata and Angus Cloud.

What is your typical getting ready process?

I blast songs. Today it was “Just the Girl” by The Click Five… still deciphering why


Describe your look for the show:

“An oversized sweater vest and a tiny little tweed skirt. Back 2 skooool.”

“En route!”Photo by Jeanie Sui Wonders

What are you most excited about for the COS show?

The color palettes: camels mixed with bright greens and oranges—all set against the ever-dramatic NYC skyline.

Photo by Jeanie Sui Wonders
“Dawning on me in real time.”Photo by Jeanie Sui Wonders

What trends are you really into right now? Which do you hate?

I’m into prep: fitted button downs, tailored slacks. Not into the overly chunky sneaker.

“Seated and at attention.”

What your favorite and least favorite things about NYFW?

Love the chaos. Hate the traffic.

“My beautiful date.”

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