Youtube vlogger Sydney Carlson wearing a peach-colored dress, getting ready for Maisie Wilen’s NYFW ...


Sydney Carlson Gets Ready for Maisie Wilen’s NYFW Show

BTS with the Wildflower Cases co-founder at New York Fashion Week.

What is your typical getting ready process?

I always try and ice-roll my face in the morning before getting ready. Since I got glam today, I sat in the chair and put on a mix of Meg Thee Stallion, old Drake, and Harry Styles.

What's your go-to beauty look right now, and what's your favorite beauty hack?

I’ve been loving a red toned or darker lip… I just love the look of it. I’d say my go-to beauty hack recently is Vaseline. I carry it around with me always and put it on my face, cheekbones, eyelids. Can’t go wrong.

What are your must-do's when you are in New York?

Good food!!! I eat so much when I’m in New york but it balances itself out because I’m also walking so much.

“I’m wearing an orange long & tight Maisie dress. I love it.”

“i honestly don’t hate much... if you can convince me something is a vibe, then i’m sold.”

What trends are you into right now?

I’m loving this giant sunglasses trend everyone is on. Bigger the better.

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