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10 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads To Replace Your Trusty Single-Use Wipes

Just as effective, way more sustainable.

With many in the beauty industry working towards more sustainable practices, it's time that your makeup routine followed suit. A reliance on single-use makeup wipes or cotton rounds isn't beneficial for the environment, and many brands have unveiled sustainable, reusable options, making it easier to make the switch. Feel a little better about your beauty routine, and add a little less waste to landfills, with these 10 environmentally friendly reusable makeup pads.

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Beloved by online reviewers for its quick makeup removing abilities, these soft wipes are a must-have tool. Its soft pillowy texture doesn't irritate the face, and one pad can be used up to 200 times. To use again, simply clean with soap and water.

Touted as lasting for three to five years, the MakeUp Eraser will remove even waterproof makeup. To use, soak the eraser in warm water before applying. As a true beauty bonus, the Eraser features two side — one for washing, and one for exfoliating.

Made of Bamboo and Cotton Fiber, which will make for a faster dry after use, Snow Fox's pads are biodegradable and effective on all skin types. Featuring double layer terry, the brand estimates that through use, one pad is equivalent to using 4,000 single use remover pads.

True to its name, this Mitt is truly magic. Removing makeup with one simple swipe, the product's knitted micro-fibers dissolves the day's mascara and exfoliates skin.

Made for sensitive skin, these machine washable towels are perfect for removing makeup or giving skin a hydrating refresh.

Online reviewers love the soft material of these cloths, and praised the product for its ability to remove makeup without tough scrubbing.

Made specifically for the removal of eye makeup, these pointed, reusable pads are perfect for clearing out every inch of mascara and eyeshadow.

Tucked inside an adorable reusable laundry bag, the Croon Starter Kit features a reusable cleaning pad and a reusable exfoliating pad. One Croon lasts for 200 washes, and the product can easily be rewashed between makeup removals.

The act of removing makeup has never seemed so chic. Made specifically for removing makeup without leaving behind stains, these towels are the perfect addition to your cleansing routine.

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