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12 Beauty Products That’ll Help You Channel A Modern “The Craft” Look

For Early Halloween plans or your witchy day-to-day.

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The Craft was a movie masterclass in '90s beauty, showcasing everything from barely there brows to truly bold lipstick choices. Years after its release, and many of the film's featured trends have come back around, making it easier than ever to take a glam cue from some of the weirdest witches around. Ahead, scroll through the products needed to recreate your best Craft-inspired beauty routine.


Rochelle's entire Craft beauty routine is worth creating for year-round wear. Her glam was defined by dark, matte lips, and amazing, voluminous ringlets.

No spells are needed to get the perfect '90s-inspired lip. This shade is a good match for Rochelle's signature dark lip.

There's truly something magical about Rochelle's perfectly shaped brows, and in case yours need a little help, this tinted gel should come in handy.

Allow your curls pattern to achieve their maximum potential with this curl cream that will leave your hair polished, soft, and full of definition.


Sarah's journey in The Craft was reflected in her ever-changing beauty routine. Initially starting out with understated and minimal makeup, she later added more pigmented products.

Get the perfect '90s-inspired peach lip with this matte shade.

Channel Sarah's fluffed up brows with this 3-in-1 styling tool, designed to streamline your routine with a teardrop brow pencil on one end, an waxy tinted brow balm on the other, and a spoolie to feather out your definition.

There were few occasions when Sarah wasn't rocking a hair clip. These barrettes come in four shades that should suit any of your spellbinding hairstyles.


As the film's resident evildoer, Nancy truly embraced her wild side, especially when it came to makeup. To recreate her look, you'll want to look for dark, edgy coloring choices.

Get a modernized take on Nancy's punk-inspired image with this black lipstick from Fenty Beauty. You can go fully witchy and coat your lips entirely in black, or match the color up with a dark red shade.

Make the dark lip even more dramatic with a bold, dramatic lining.

Lights Lacquer

In lieu of the traditional black nail polish, go for something that's equally dramatic, but also fun. This shade of purple features a blue iridescent sheen.

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Often wearing her hair in loose updos, Bonnie's beauty routine also featured classic lip colors, and the always popular '90s trend: pencil-thin brows.

Get Bonnie's bright red lip with this creamy matte formula.

Bonnie was also spotted with hair clips throughout the film, but her take featured a bit more in the way of sparkle.


Get Bonnie's glowing, glass-like skin with this dewy misting spray, formulated to deliver hydration, and calming antioxidant-rich ingredients for luminous and translucent skin.

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