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7 Natural Deodorants To Test Drive While You’re Socially Distancing

Judgement-free trial and error.

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If only one thing in the beauty industry has stayed the same over the last few years, it's that there's still an eerie distrust of even the best natural and aluminum-free deodorants on the market today. It's not for the lack of trying, either — there are countless Google results for search combinations including "natural deodorants" and "actually work." If this sounds like all too familiar a situation, quarantine might just be the best time to pick your search back up.

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba, many people benefit from allowing their body the time to adjust to a new deodorant — especially if it's natural and/or aluminum-free. "It all depends on your body! Many do experience an adjustment period when they switch, which may lead to some smell or more sweat, which is perfectly normal," she tells NYLON. "This period for most people can be anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on your body — some people adjust right away."

If you were on the fence with any natural deodorants you've tried in the past, or have been too scared to try, use this time of increased social distancing for judgement-free trial and error. Ahead, click through for some of the very best natural and aluminum-free deodorants on the market right now.

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A fast-drying, long-lasting option free of aluminum and baking soda, Kinko’s all-natural deodorant utilizes its patent-pendning Microbiomix™ to nurture good bacteria and neutralize the bad for 24-hour protection against odor.

As someone who has relied on classic Dove deodorant for nearly two decades, the brand’s 0% Aluminum and alcohol options work just as hard and wear just as comfortably throughout the day. Formulated to leave underarms smooth and moisturized — but not slippy or sweaty — this deodorant will hold up no matter your activity.

The Deodorant

With its chic packaging and serum-like texture, The Deodorant feels more like a daily underarm treatment than anything else. It’s formulated with minerals (silica, zinc, and Kaolin clay to keep you dry) and acids (a gentle complex of Lactic and Mandelic acids to handle the odor front), and a dose of eucalyptus to keep you feeling and smelling fresh. Not highly recommended if you’re looking for something to hold up during a five mile run, but for a day of light errands and WFH? Yes and yes.

If you prefer jar packaging, this sensitive skin formula uses a dietary magnesium and arrowroot powder to help control moisture and odor, leaving out any controversial baking soda or clay. Nourishing plant-based blend soothes and conditions the skin, but won't leave your fingers feeling greesy or oily after applying. Plus? It comes in two delicious-yet-subtle scents — grapefruit and lavender.

Even natural deodorants have celebrity collaborations, and this one from Schmidt and Justin Bieber is genuinely impressive. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, the formula includes carbon-rich activated charcoal that aids in extracting gunk and unclogging pores. With its spicy citrus and warm woodsy notes, the scent doesn't hurt either.

If you're not looking to re-apply at all during the day, this is the heavy duty natural deodorant you've been looking for — and it has nearly 1K glowing Ulta and Sephora reviews to back it up. Aluminum- and baking soda-free deodorant, this Kopari option works with your body's natural chemistry to reduce odor reduction using a 100% plant-based compound of coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil to soothe and condition throughout the day.

Using 99% natural ingredients — and free of aluminum, phthalates, and talc — this deodorant tackles body odor using sugar-derived antimicrobials, barley powder, and natural cornstarch that absorb sweat and oils, adding light and fresh fragrances in their place. On top of *actually* working, Myro prioritizes sustainability with recyclable packaging and a unique pod re-fill system.

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