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The Best Celebrity Halloween Makeup Transformations Of 2021

From Lizzo as Baby Yoda to Lil Nas X as Voldemort, here our favorite celebrities that were basically unrecognizable in their costumes this year

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There’s no time of the year as filled extravagant makeup and fancy dress as Halloween. And there’s no one that does Halloween better than celebrities (and their many hair artists, makeup artists, and stylists).

From childhood movie characters to recent pop culture references to even dressing up as fellow celebs, year after year our favorite stars get into the holiday spirit and live as as someone else for a day. In case you missed it this year, tap through for the best Halloween makeup and hair transformations of 2021.

Lil Nas X as Lord Voldemort

Lil Nas X’s costume this year had next-level special effects makeup but what else could we expect from an artist who wore a fake pregnancy belly for the release of a song?

Rihanna as Gunna

A special shout out to RiRi for recreating a recent post from rapper Gunna, even down to the hair.

Kaia Gerber as Jane Birkin

Make-up artist Sam Visser and hairstylist Charlie Le Mindu teamed up this year to re-create the hair and makeup look of ’60s icon Jane Birkin on modern muse, Kaia Gerber.

LeBron James as Freddy Krueger

This frightening face makeup from LeBron may have been his best costume yet.

The Weeknd as The Godfather

If you walked past The Weeknd on Halloween, you wouldn’t have recognized him. The singer transformed himself into "The Don", wrinkles and all.

Doja Cat as Princess Kida from Atlantis

We love the crisp blue stripes and choppy bangs as part of Doja Cat’s Princess Kida costume.

Janelle Monae as The Grinch

Another full makeup transformation, Janelle Monae nailed the look of our favorite Christmas villain.

Megan Thee Stallion as Cruella

Megan Thee Stallion posted a beauty shot of her spotted nails and hair before the rapper hosted her very own Hottieween party on Sunday.

Victoria Justice as a Skull

Simple but effective, Victoria Justice did a full face of skull makeup this Halloween.

Kendall Jenner as Martian Girl from Mars Attacks

The bigger the hair the better. Kendall Jenner once again slayed Halloween with the recreation of this Mars Attack hairstyle.

Blake Lively as a Black and White Movie

Blake Lively quick DIY makeup is worth noting because the actress achieved the look in only 10 minutes. Creating a greyscale effect, seemingly inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s black-and-white movies, Lively posted the look on her Instagram saying "Spamming my makeup because I'm proud." We’re proud too.

Harry Styles as Dorothy Gale

We love the high blush from Harry Styles as he channeled Dorothy Gale from the 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz for his Love On Tour concert in New York, held at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

Lizzo as Baby Yoda

This year, Lizzo officially won Halloween by dressing up as Baby Yoda for Spotify's Ghost Town Halloween Party in West Hollywood.

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