12 Halloween Makeup Ideas, Courtesy of Your Favorite Celebrities

We scan through the spooky archives.

In the lead-up to Halloween, the only thing more exciting than planning your own costume is seeing what celebrities come up with to celebrate All Hallows Eve. With professional stylists, makeup artists, and costumers at their disposal, year after year many of them go all out for the holiday. (Putting those of us reliant on black cat ears to shame.)

So, whether you’re looking for your own dress-up ideas, or simply want to reminisce about celebrity spooky seasons past, here are 12 times our favorite celebrities crushed the Halloween makeup game.

@iamhalsey / Instagram
Halsey as the Corpse Bride

Who can forget when Halsey turned herself into the title character from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride last year? This look was almost all blue with expert contouring and sunken eyes. We’re guessing she needed a ton of makeup wipes afterward.