January 2022’s Best New Beauty Launches

NYLON’s picks for the best beauty buys of the month.

Often, despite best intentions, many New Year’s resolutions don’t pan out. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t little changes you can make that are easy (and even enjoyable!) to keep. One of the first areas to look is in your vanity, where a few small tweaks can make you feel revitalized and fresh, even if the weather is dreary. Upgrade your skincare routine with a new serum, try a different colored eyeliner, or convert to an aluminum free deodorant. The choice is yours. But if you’re looking for a place to start, here are the 10 best new beauty products that launched this month.

This new Lancôme serum is the ultimate three-in-one. The three chambers of serums work together for plumping, brightening, and improving skin firmness.

Under makeup or on its own, this illuminating primer will give you instant golden hour skin.

Dewy Cheek & Lip Palette
Danessa Myricks Beauty

Creamy blush makes look healthier and refreshed– no exercise or eight hours of sleep required. This Danessa Myricks palette has four blendable colors to create your perfect custom cheek shades.

5D Lash Pow Mascara
Makeup Revolution

Did you know you’re supposed to replace your mascara every two to three months? Out with the old in with this new volumizing formula. It has a giant, soft bristled brush for giving your super pumped up lashes.

A rich lip balm is a simple luxury that’s always worth it (especially in the winter). You’ll be impressed how soft and full your lips look every time you use the Lawless Lip Mask.

Satin Kajal Liner in Olive
Victoria Beckham Beauty

Trade your classic black or brown liner for Victoria Beckham Beauty’s new olive shade for an unexpected color that still acts as an easy neutral.

This alpha hydroxy acid-based deodorant works to prevent and neutralize any odors rather than covering them up with perfume-y fragrance. Better yet, it helps treat any underarm discoloration or bumps.

It’s hard for a foundation to manage being glowy, hyrdating, and long lasting, but the newest formula from Charlotte Tilbury delivers.

Orion Chrome

Get cool nails in minutes without a salon. A coat of this chrome nail polish over black creates a totally celestial finish.

This new spray is a total zhush in a bottle. Spray it on to give your hair or ponytail a boost of volume and texture, instantly.

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