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11 of Britney Spears's Best Music Video Moments

From her "Circus" curls to "Toxic" red hair.

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Britney Spears filled her every music video with memorable, can't miss visuals. From incredible dance moves to unexpectedly action-packed storylines, Spears understood the power of a generation once plugged into MTV.

More than a means of visual entertainment, her videos featured incredible looks. Ahead, relive some of her best beauty moments.


Spears made her music video debut with a look that’s forever cemented in pop culture history. Her braided pigtails were tied with ribbons and fluffy pink scrunchies, while her makeup was glossy.


From an airplane stewardess to a super spy, "Toxic" pulled out all of the beauty stops. This look, which featured bright red hair and matching makeup, proved especially memorable.


"Lucky" was an especially poignant single, tackling the tolls of stardom. Spears embraced the idea of a troubled starlet hiding beneath a perfect facade, wearing glamorous Old Hollywood curls and pink lipstick.

"I Wanna Go"

Spears embraced her inner rocker, wearing a dark smoky eye with blonde hair streaked in pink and black.


Spears changed up her traditional hair routine, and sported this curly blonde bob.

"Oops!... I Did It Again"

Blonde highlights were apparent throughout the pop star's hair, and she wore her bangs slicked down and to the side.


Another surprise change in color for Spears. Donning different costumes for the "Womanizer" video, this look featured dark-colored hair and bangs.


A true reflection of the beauty trends at the Y2K moment, Spears wore glossy lip product, silver, smoky shadow, and hair that featured bits of crimped texture.

"Pretty Girls"

She channeled the '80s with this look, which featured oversized curls and a half ponytail.

"(You Drive Me) Crazy"

Beginning the video with fuzzy scrunchies, Spears later wore her hair down, embracing wavy hair and another glossy makeup palette.

"Me Against the Music"

After tossing aside a top hat, Spears revealed this long, somewhat waved hairstyle, that featured a section of hair pushed to the side.

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