Celestial Nail Art Is Set To Dominate 2022

The results are out of this world.

For the entirety of history, humans have been captivated by the night sky. From stargazing to tracking the moon, the placements of the sky and planets around us have long informed the way we live (just look at astrology) and have been captured by countless paintings and photographs (hello Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting, Starry Night).

It should come as little surprise, then, that our fascination with the night sky has made its way into nail art. With astrology only gaining mainstream popularity and lunar wellness taking off, 2022 manicures are set to be scattered with stars. Read on for some nail art ideas that are out of this world.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Galaxy Manicure

Perhaps Megan’s most popular manicure this year was her galaxy acrylics, securing a spot on her Instagram as a stand-alone feed post. With this, celestial nails were officially confirmed as the hot girl manicure of the year.

Metallic Stars

For a more natural look, we love this combination of the metallic nail trend with this subtle starry design.

Icy Skys

This gold starry design on a clear base with blue-and-white swirls veers far away from the usual darker celestial mani, creating an icy manicure for any season.

@nailedbydesirae / Instagram
Marble Milkyway Nails

Even without the celestial finer detailing (aka moons and stars), this mani transports you to another galaxy.

French Tips

French nails are a classic Y2K design that is currently in the midst of a major resurgence. This baby pink uneven french manicure with gold star detailing combines the best of both trends.

Night Sky

This cozy design is perfect for your next winter mani.

Astrology Nail Art

For astrology lovers, ask your nail tech for a personalized constellation design depending on your big three. This manicure is (fittingly) for Leos.

Constellation Nails

This manicure is for Pisces, set on a sparkly gradient blue base for extra magic.

Full Moon Nails

Channel your inner goth with these full moon nails with black tips.

Glittery Stars

Why not load your next manicure up with glitter? This sparkly, shiny star mani is cute and festive.

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