Cher with long curly hair.


Cher’s Most Major Beauty Moments From the 80’s and 90’s

From blunt bangs to soft waves.

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Cher is a true icon. Her impact on the world of entertainment is immeasurable, and throughout her career, she's remained fearless in her beauty routine, using her every appearance as a means of trying out something new.

From blunt bangs to soft waves, take a look back at some of Cher's most memorable beauty routines throughout the '70s and '80s.

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Throughout the '60s, Cher sported long hair with a blunt bang. Her lashes were often coated in mascara, and her lids were lined with dramatic, dark coloring.

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The star briefly bid farewell to her bangs, but her long hair remained. Her lashes were also as tall as ever, and looked totally striking for this photoshoot.

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Jazzing up her usual beauty routine, Cher added some waves to her long hair, and some bright coloring to her makeup.

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The bangs were back in 1979, but Cher's hair came with major curl.

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A truly '80s beauty routine, Cher teased her curls upwards and added a headband.

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In a look that was ahead of its time, Cher created a color block effect with pink and blue eyeshadow.

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This surprise moment of hair color and styling came with tousled bleached ends.


Cher created volume and texture, wearing her long hair in a pieced together styling.

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Purple and punk, Cher wore this spiky wig, which matched her eyeshadow.

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The late '80s featured continued experiments in beauty, beginning with this curly updo that came with a jeweled accessory. In later years, Cher would go bigger and bolder, unveiling colorful dye jobs and extravagant makeup.

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