The Gorilla Glue Girl Saga Is Over — And She Got to Keep Her Hair

Follow along with the TikTok hair saga.

The Internet has done some good, rallying behind an unexpected hair mistake. Tessica Brown, a TikTok user now known as Gorilla Glue Girl, is now a viral star, and it all started with a TikTok video and a bottle of product that should never be used on hair. Ahead, follow along with the journey of Gorilla Glue Girl.

Courtesy Tessica Brown TikTok

It all started on Feb. 4, when Brown shared a TikTok video, revealing that a month ago she had used Gorilla Glue spray on her hair. Calling it a "bad idea," she admitted she had attempted to replace her usual styling spray — which was out — with the product. Since then, her hair had remained immobile, and she couldn’t get the product out.

The video quickly went viral, and countless TikTok users, including reported professional medical experts, offered advice on the situation. Brown attempted to heed the advice of some, using coconut and tea tree oil on her head. She called the attempt an "epic fail."

She later provided an update, confirming she was headed to the emergency room. In an interview done after she returned home, Brown said the hospital had offered to help, but the removal process would take an estimated 20 hours. Instead, she chose to return home, using products provided by the ER.

Brown thanked the Internet for its support on Feb. 9. She also created a YouTube channel for longer updates, became verified on Instagram, has a manager, and started a GoFundMe. She expressed her hope that she would get to keep her hair.

On Feb. 8, Gorilla Glue responded to the incident. The company wished Brown the best and noted the spray is never intended for use on hair.

TMZ alleged on Feb. 9 that plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng has offered to help in the removal process. Brown is reportedly making the trip to his Los Angeles office on Feb. 10. The procedure will reportedly last two to three days, and according to TMZ, Obeng has allegedly offered it free of cost.

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