Thermal Nails Are Fall’s Hottest Manicure Trend

They already have Megan Thee Stallion’s stamp of approval.

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We’re entering colder weather but that doesn’t mean that we can’t up the temperature with our nails. We’ve been seeing nail art inspired by thermal imaging cameras start to gradually trend on Instagram for the last few months. However, it’s Megan Thee Stallion’s recent post that has secured thermal nails a spot as a major fall beauty look.

With a blue, green, yellow, and red color palette, Megan’s nails looked like they were straight from a world map (in the best possible way). Tap through for all the ways you can join her with this hot girl manicure.

The Original Thermal Imaging Manicure

Here’s a close-up of Megan’s nails, created by her long-time nail artist Coca Michelle.

Inverse Colors

Subvert the thermal look with a pastel pink base and baby blue hot spots.

Mix and Match

Try switching up the colors on both hands, like this cute grey, black, and white design.

Hypercolor Nails

While not as obvious in its design, this manicure with Cirque Colors polish is literally heat reactive– going peach when it’s warm and turning bright orange when it’s cold.

Thermal Tips

This pointed shape with thermal french tips is the perfect way to put a twist on the original design.

Hot Spot Nails

Some would argue that these are aura nails, but the haphazard color placement looks like heat spots to us. Consider this thermal design a simpler way to embrace this trend on a beige or sheer base coat.

Alien Heat Readings

This offbeat purple and yellow color palette is an extremely eye-catching way to pull off the thermal trend.

Ghost Radar

This spooky thermal design on natural nails with a clear base also features adorable ghost designs. It’s a perfect way to adapt the design for Halloween.

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