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10 Products That Make #JelloSkin Achievable

It’s all about good skin care.

First there was “glass skin”, then there was “glazed doughnut skin”, but now, Jell-O skin has entered the chat. This Korean beauty skincare trend has been all the rage across social media platforms, especially TikTok, as users of the app try to get their skin to look as juicy, glowy, and bouncy as possible. Luckily, it’s not as unattainable as it may seem online. With a consistent skincare routine, especially proper skin hydration and sun protection (of course), this look can be achievable for everyone.

Up ahead, check out NYLON’s picks for getting the glossy Jell-O skin look of your skin care dreams.


The very first step to any skincare routine, cleansing removes dirt, sweat, oils from your skin to preempt breakouts concerns. For super hydrated skin, try hydrating cleansers that will wash the environmental stressors away without over-drying.

Oat Cleansing Balm
The INKEY List

This cleansing balm has been the buzz online for its moisturizing and rich feel.

Superfood Cleanser
Youth To The People

This cleanser is rich with antioxidants which have the additional benefit of boosting your glow.

Exfoliate (Gently)

Exfoliating, gently and as needed, is helping for sweeping away dull, dead skins cells that can thwart your ultimate Jell-O skin potential.

Paula’s Choice is an internet favorite for how it gently unclogs pores and gives skin an overall smoother appearance with regular use.

Fresh’s exfoliating powder makes your skin look brighter in literally 30 seconds.


Layering a serum under your moisturizer gives your skin a concentrated dose of the hydrating and radiance boosting ingredients, helping you get your desired results faster.

This 96% snail essence essence provides serious hydration and is the talk of TikTok.

This cost effective serum is constantly trending as a favorite for dewy hydration.


Locking in moisture is key to getting happy, bouncy skin.

Gel Texture
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel with Hyaluronic Acid

This hydrating gel cream is sure to leave skin with that über moisturized look.

Clinique moisturized touts replenishing hydration for up to 100 hours.


Don’t forget to protect your skin from UV rays which can cause dehydration, pigmentation, and exacerbate other skin concerns.

This SPF 50 also imparts a natural, reflective glow.

This new sun screen has a pretty pearlescent finish for those of us who really want to shine.

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