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Janet Jackson’s Best ‘80s & ‘90s Beauty Moments Are Worth Revisiting

From bouncy curls to box braids and bold lips.

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Janet Jackson came and conquered the music industry, earning multiple major awards and continued recognition as a trailblazer. That ingenuity extended into her fashion and beauty choices, and the singer was often spotted with bold lipstick and beautiful hair. Ahead, take a trip down music memory lane, and relive some of Jackson's most memorable beauty looks from the '80s and beyond.

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1985, American Music Awards

In one of her few moments with short hair, Jackson wore a curled bob, which featured carefully tousled strands. She matched her pink blush to her lip color.

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1986, Photoshoot

Her curls were bigger, bolder, and filled with volume in this 1986 photoshoot. She jazzed up the very '80s beauty routine with red lipstick.

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1987, American Music Awards

Her red lipstick returned in 1987, but this time, Jackson wore her hair in an updo, and her hair was transformed into crunchy, high-volume curls.

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1990, Billboard Music Awards

This updo featured fringed bangs and straight hair, but her signature red lipstick was still there, and as glossy as ever.

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1991, Benefit Gala

Jackson was back to short hair in 1991, wearing her curls in a cut that came below the ears.

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1994, Party for Janet Jackson's Sold Out Concert

Embracing the '90s scrunchie trend, Jackson wore her hair in a high ponytail. For this look, she chose a more neutral, subtle shade of lipstick.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
1994, MTV VMAs

Jackson donned braids under a black cap at the VMAs. She again relied on red lips, but used a popular eye product of the time, and lined her lids with blue.

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1997, Photo Shoot

Jackson debuted auburn colored hair that was pulled into curly sections. She wore super thin brows, and lined her lips in a shade of brown.

Photo by Steve Azzara/Corbis via Getty Images
1999, MTV VMAs

Jackson's sky-high lashes stole the beauty show in 1999. She paired her lashes with red-orange lipstick, a curly updo, and blue eyeshadow.

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2001, American Music Awards

Jackson teased out her curls in 2001, adding volume to her ponytail.

2001, MyIcon

Her bangs were back in 2001, and she wore her brunette hair in loose waves.

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