10 Sad Girl Fall Beauty Essentials

Kacey Musgraves declared it’s “Sad Girl Fall”, so it is.

In anticipation of her forthcoming album Star-Crossed, out September 10, Kacey Musgraves tweeted her forecast for a “SAD GIRL FALL”, accompanied by an image of herself wearing pigtails and purple eyeshadow and dabbing rhinestone tears with a handkerchief. While we already can’t wait to hear her new music, we’re even more excited after seeing that being sad has never looked so glamorous.

Up next, NYLON has rounded up everything you need to recreate Kacey Musgraves's sad girl fall beauty look.

Kacey’s rhinestone tears will thankfully be available to the public the week of the new album release. The diamond and blue stick-on tears will be available exclusively in the Star-Crossed Album Box Sets starting at $49.99. Seems like a good deal to us.

Pack a lilac shadow onto your lid below the crease with a dense brush to mimic Kacey’s look. This one also happens to have a great name (especially if you’re going through a break up).

Forgo eyeliner in your waterline and underneath your eye — it’s more prone to smudging especially if you’re teary — and try a classic cat-eye. This one from Stila also has a teeny precision end for perfecting your wings.

Mascara is a must to finish any makeup look, but you’re playing with danger if you don’t go for waterproof during Sad Girl Fall.

Refresh red, crying eyes in one minute with Lumify’s OTC eye drops.

A soft natural blush color balances stronger eye makeup and a nude lip. This one looks like a natural flush.

The squared edge of this lipstick makes it easy to overline your lips even without a separate lip pencil to get a look like Kacey’s.

Ever notice how your lips tend to swell when you cry? Get the pouty look minus the emotional release by using a lip plumper.

Just a few drops of hair oil will tame flyaways and add shine to your pigtails.

The Y2K-inspired bauble hair ties put the finishing touch on this innocent, angelic look.

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