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MGK Wore a $30,000 Diamond Manicure To The 2022 Billboard Music Awards

It’s his most extravagant nail art yet.

MGK loves a good nail art moment. From his Edward Scissorhands-like acrylics for last year’s iHeartRadio Music Awards to his chain-linked coordinated manis with fiancé Megan Fox for the launch of his nail polish line, UN/DN LAQR, his manicures are always part nail art, part performance. On Sunday, May 15 Machine Gun Kelly walked the red carpet at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards sporting his most extravagant nail look yet, which included $30,000 worth of diamonds. The final look is not only extremely cool, but is also part of an effort between MGK and jewelry brand Marrow Fine to raise money for charity.

Read on for everything to know about MGK’s Billboard Music Awards diamond manicure.

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The Inspiration

“Creating MGKs diamond nails was a natural progression of where nail art and jewelry intersect. They perfectly embody MGK’s style — I can’t imagine anyone else wearing this set,” says Jillian Sassone, founder and creative director of Marrow Fine.

The Team

The diamond nails were created by the team of Marrow Fine’s Creative Director Jillian Sassone and MGK’s go-to nail artist Britney Boyce, aka Nails of LA.

Courtesy of Nails of LA
Close Up Look

“We set over 10 carats of tiny diamonds ranging between .8-2.4 mm in size on preformed nails. It took 10 hours to create MGKs set, but over 20 hours of R&D before finalizing the concept,” says Sassone.

Polish Base
UN/DN LAQR in Depressionist

“I love the juxtaposition of the white diamonds set traditionally with the pops of black diamonds set culet (pointy) side up. We played with what background color would make the stones pop.”

Courtesy of Nails of LA

The day of the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, the process to prep nails, glue on the preformed nails, and file took about an hour.

Courtesy of Marrow Fine
On The Red Carpet
Courtesy of Nails of LA
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What Happens to The Diamonds Post-Award Show?

“We’ll soak the diamonds off of the nails after the show and create 10 pieces for charity. They'll be glam rock meets everyday fine jewelry — a mix of diamond-heavy men’s and women’s signets and cigar bands,” says Sassone.


The new rings will be handmade and take 6-8 weeks to complete. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will go to a Cleveland-based charity (MGK’s hometown) and will be available for purchase on

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