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11 Ways To Treat Yourself On National Self-Care Day

You deserve it.

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While self care is often associated with mindfulness, meditation and yoga mats - let us not forget the this act of self love is a complete experience of activities that encourage us to take care of our total selves - mind, body, and soul.

Here are NYLONS product recommendations to bring complete wellness home for National Self Care Day.

Give yourself a professional face massage at home with this facial roller to work in your favorite serums and effortlessly sculpt your face shape.

Try this sheet mask that offers amazing skin results without the hard work, revitalizing your self care glow.

The Towel
Crown Affair

No need to go straight to styling after a shampoo and condition when you wear this microfiber hair towel that wears as a spa wrap so you can lounge a little longer.

Create a tranquil setting when you light this candle that your mind and body will thank you for.

Bring the spa experience home with this facial steamer for an elevated skincare routine that promotes circulation and relaxation.

Treat yourself to an in-house deep tissue Shiatsu massage in this heated chair massager paired with a remote for complete care and control.

Give yourself a therapeutic massage with this hand held scalp stimulator.

Royal CBD Oil
Lord Jones

Rub yourself down with this 1000mg CBD oil for gradual and long lasting pain and stress relief.

Easily get your complete daily dose of greens for total self care, inside out.


With this luxury toy, self care is literally in the palm of your hand.

Reset your mental and emotional tone with a couple of quick sprays of this earthy scented grounding spray.

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