10 Asian-Owned Beauty Brands To Love in 2022

Celebrating the year of the tiger.

This Lunar New Year (celebrated today, February 1) ushers in the Year of the Tiger—which according to the Chinese zodiac should bring about adventure, risk-taking, and a newfound sense of braveness. While we’re excited about the fierce and festive Lunar New Year collectible beauty products launched every year from the spectrum of luxury to indie brands, it’s particularly an important moment to discover and show support for Asian-owned brands.

While washing or cutting your hair is a no-go today according to Chinese tradition—as doing either of these things can be seen as washing your fortune away, dramatically reducing the chances of prosperity in the year ahead—after you’re okayed to clear out your makeup bag, you might be in the mood for some new products. These are the Asian-owned brands you’ll want on your radar this New Year and beyond.

Cocokind and Tower 28

This year, two cult-favorite AAPI-founded brands Cocokind and Tower 28 have collaborated for a glowing kit with curated skincare and makeup essentials.