15 Natural Nail Manicure Ideas to Try This Summer

Because short nails need love too.

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While extra long acrylics are definitely on trend this season, they’re not for everyone. Short nails are more versatile, easier to maintain, and with a little nail art inspo, they can be just as fun and exciting as longer nail styles.

Up ahead, we gathered 15 different short length manicures to try this summer.

Spin Art Inspired

This bright, sun burst design feels makes us think of summer camp.

Tutti Frutti

Elevate juicy colors with a fruity design.

Wavy Lines

Going with a fun base color and freeform wavy lines looks great on any nail length.

Half & Half Negative Space

A different neon shade on each hand will spice up a minimalist negative space design.

Modern Art

Choose four cool, complementary colors and let your creativity take the reigns for this design.


This geometric pattern is way more fun in multicolor than in black and white.

Rainbow Tips

You don’t need a long nails to have enough room for these groovy rainbow tips.

Mix & Match Solids

Sometimes the most standout shades look best on shorter nails.

Ice Cream Accents

Add a few “sprinkles” to your mani for extra flair.

Zen Mani

A yin and yang design in a sweet color is a cute design for rounder nails.

Two-Tone Monochrome

Experiment with different shades of your favorite colors. The vertical stripe is also extra lengthening on shorter nails.

Smiley Faces

This look is sure to improve your mood every time you look at your hands.

Mixed Y2K Prints

You don’t need extra long acrylics to pull of this very popular Instagram-able style.

Space Race

This design puts a whole universe in your hands.

Pastel Waves

A candy-like color and pattern combo is always irresistible.

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