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7 Pixie and Short Natural Hairstyles to Help Beat the Heat This Summer

These are perfect for the very hot days ahead.

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Getting a dramatic haircut during the sweltering summer months could be just what you need to stay cool. Even better? It can even help set you up to get your healthiest hair yet.

Up next, we found seven different natural hair looks to inspire your own big chop.

Short Natural Styles: Frosted Cut

If you’ve been thinking about getting a close-cut shave, go even a step more extreme with an icy dye job.

Short Natural Styles: Tapered Mohawk

Maybe it’s just the back of your head that needs to regrow. A cute tapered mohawk will give you all the early ’00s Rihanna vibes you desire.

Short Natural Styles: Tight Bleached Fro

Show off your tight natural curl pattern in a bleached close-cut fro.

Short Natural Styles: Loose Curly Fro

Although Keke Palmer shaved her head back in 2017, she’s rocking her naturals curls loose, short, and low this summer– and you can, too.

Short Natural Styles: Finger Waves

If you’re not opposed to tamping down your curls just a bit, a cute finger wave style is a glamorous throwback look to try.

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Short Natural Styles: Shaggy Pixie Cut

Zoë Kravitz is our forever pixie cut style icon. The classic, piecey close crop is perfect for your first pixie cut.

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Short Natural Styles: Colored Shave

If you’re used to taking it all off with a full buzz, maybe it’s time to copy our friend Slick Woods and experiment with a neon color.

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