10 Starry Nail Art Ideas That Demand Attention

Let your nail art be the star.

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When it comes to nail art, sometimes the most simple designs are the most impactful. So, what can be more classic than a simple star? This spring, manicurists have had stars in their eyes and we’ve seen more sparkles and stellar designs on nails than ever before.

Tap through for inspiration on how to jump on the starry nail trend and channel extreme main character energy.

Starry French

These metallic french nails with colorful anime star designs will make your fingers pop.

Jelly Star Nails

Jelly nails are back and these star accents just made them better than ever.


For a more subtle look with a lot of impact, these small stars with tiny diamantés are destined for compliments.

Rockstar Nails

Channel your inner rockstar with these graphic and glittery black and pink star nails.

Aura Sparkles

Consider these aura spark nail accents the new hot star shape.

Chrome Stars

For a design you have to look close to fully appreciate, a 3D encrusted star manicure holds the element of surprise.

Graphic Prints

These starry nails with conflicting patterns remind us that manicures pay off when you mix and match.

Airbrush Nails

This airbrushed manicure with metallic stars finds the perfect balance of 3D-looking texture, gems, and high-gloss shine.

Clear Skies

Translucent stars on a pearly manicure are soft way to approach the trend.

Glittery Night

Ombre, stars, and sparkles evoke the natural night sky.

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