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9 Makeup Trends From the ‘90s Worth Revisiting ASAP

From sparse lashes to frosty lips.

The '90s is arguably one of the most revisited and missed decades, with nostalgia creeping into almost every facet of life today — especially when it comes to beauty. Some of the most glamorous and iconic beauty looks emerged from the decade that continue to impact the looks of today, and rightfully so. Up ahead, check out nine makeup trends from the '90s beauty just can't let go of.

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Chocolate Hued Lips

A dark brown lip color screams 90s and is perfect for every fall season.

This dark chocolate shade is formulated with mallow flower extract, working to keep your lips feeling smooth and hydrated without cracking as you wear it.

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Gray Smokey Eyes

With the right amount of blending and smudging your smokey eye will reign supreme.

This dark hued palette is perfect for recreating your favorite smokey look on any skin tone. The rich pigmented formulas are very easy to blend and work great with smudging.

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Icy Metallic Eye Shadow

A pop of shiny metals is all you need to take your shadow game to the next level.

Prepare to shine bright with this sleek silver shadow. A little definitely goes a long way with this metallic textured shadow.

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Super Glossy Lips

You can never go wrong with lip gloss. Ever.

This clear lip gloss will keep your lips looking fuller and juicier than ever. The vegan formula is filled with organic ingredients such as shea butter and green tea extract to leave your lips moisturized.

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Sparse Lashes

Fanned lashes are perfect for adding a bit of drama to your eyes.

Wispy lashes are often the most natural style of strip lashes out there. Using these with your favorite mascara going in a vertical upwards motion can help you achieve that sparse lash look.

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Thick, All-Around Eyeliner

You may love a classic wing now, but back in the day all-around eyeliner was everything. The trend is making a significant comeback, even cosigned by the Dior FW20 runway.

A pencil liner is the best bet for doing bottom eyeliner. With it's long wear waterproof formula this liner isn't going anywhere.

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Frosty Lips

Who wouldn't want their lips super frosty like Lil Kim?

This high-shine gloss carries the right amount of glitter and glitz for a frosted lip. With it's highly pigmented formula it shows up stunningly on every skin tone.

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Pastel Eye Shadow

The eyes are everything right now, bringing back the pastel feels is just the pop your eyes need.

With 18 buildable pigments, this palette offers such amazing colors perfect for any pastel eye look.

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Thick Lip Liners

If you don't have on lip liner, is your look even from the 90s? Probably not.

Perfect Lip Pencil
Iman Cosmetics

When it comes to lip liners, a pencil is a pretty safe bet. With it's creamy rich texture it offers smooth application for a perfectly lined lip.

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