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9 Magical Beauty Moments That Defined Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Ahead of the series finale, look back at some of the show's best beauty moments.

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Celebrate the final chapter in Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with a look back at the beauty moments that defined the series.

Sabrina Spellman : Part One

Sabrina's magical journey started with a signature black headband, golden blonde hair, and red lips.

Prudence Blackwood : Part 1

Prudence's beauty routine was marked by a dramatic, moody makeup palette and artful finger waves.

Zelda Spellman : Part 1

Never a hair out of place, Zelda was seen throughout the series with perfect curls and a bold red lip.

Rosalind Walker : Part 1

Throughout the show, Rosalind stayed true to her Season 1 beauty routine, often wearing her curls down, and choosing minimal makeup.

The Weird Sisters : Part 1

Matching their fellow sister, Prudence, the remaining Weird Sisters also chose bold, dark lip coloring.

Theo Putnam : Part 1

Beginning the series with a short pixie chop, Theo later debuted a shaved head. As the series continued, some of that length returned.

Lilith : Part Two

Madam Satan always looked her best, relying on red lipstick and glamorous curls.

Sabrina : Party Two

Attending a party in Hell required a change in Sabrina's usual beauty routine. This look featured an old-fashioned wig, powdered face, and red lips.

Sabrina : Part Two

Embracing her dark side came with a change in hair color. As the series progressed, Sabrina's once butter blonde hair became a shade of platinum white.

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