8 Astrology Apps For The Horoscope Lover

The best apps for daily horoscopes, birth chart calculation, synastry readings, and more.

Astrology has taken off in a big way in the past few years, bridging the gap for many between traditional spiritual practices, therapy and hobby. There's no shortage of astrological guides to be found online, including the following eight apps, which all offer user-friendly experiences and in-depth information — no matter which astrological topic you're looking to explore, you'll likely find something here that's helpful.

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The brand new Chani app includes timelines of personalized transits and themes, an interactive birth chart function, and workshops from beloved astrologer Chani Nicholas.

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Since it launched in 2017, the buzz for Co-Star has resulted in more than 5 million users around the world, who appreciate the pithy horoscopes, at times blunt notifications, and social sharing aspect of this sleek, user-friendly app.

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Time Passages

Free from Astrograph, TimePassages offers to-the-minute information on what's happening in the sky, and how that might affect you. Perfect for diving in deep to learn more about astrological events and their impact.

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The Pattern

The eerily accurate Pattern app skips astrological jargon for advice and insight on users' personality profiles, relationships and major life moments, all based on your birth time.

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Astrology Zone

Brought to you by famed astrologer to the stars Susan Miller, AstrologyZone offers users an easier way to read Miller's monthly horoscopes, in addition to brief, daily readings for all 12 signs — and a premium subscription includes even more offerings.

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The Sanctuary app is just that — a safe, fun place to learn more about astrology through the app's offerings of live readings and on-demand astrologers via a live chat function — for around $20 a month.

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Time Nomad

The free Time Nomad app lets users choose between tropical and sidereal zodiacs, and also offers natal and synastry charts and a rare planetary hours calculator and alarm — to make sure your life is in line with your best celestial timing.

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The Chaturanga app is especially notable for its birth-time rectification process for those who don't know their exact birth time — crucial in modern astrology. It also offers on-call astrologers who can provide advice on a number of topics, within 24 hours.

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