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Every Anya Taylor-Joy Movie Available To Stream

The Emmy-nominated ‘Queens Gambit’ actress has a roster of impressive film roles, on streaming now.

Anya Taylor-Joy — and her perfectly chiseled cheekbones — has graced our screens for nearly seven years now. Since 2015, the Emmy-nominated Queen’s Gambit actress has taken on a plethora of roles, from a murderous teen to a meddling matchmaker, and even Barack Obama's college girlfriend. Keep reading for a list of her best films, and how to watch them.

The Witch (2015)

In her first feature film (and acting breakthrough), Taylor-Joy starred in the A24 produced thriller, The Witch. She plays Thomasin, a young woman whose family is cursed by black magic and chilling witchcraft. (Showtime)

Morgan (2016)

The next year Taylor-Joy took on another thriller, this time acting as an artificial species made by overzealous scientists. After a brutal incident takes place, she’s hunted down by her terrified creators. (Prime Video)

Split (2016)

In Split, the actress plays Casey Cooke, one of three girls kidnapped by a man diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. After meeting 23 of his personalities, the trio fights to escape before the emergence of the dangerous 24th. (FX)

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Barry (2016)

In the 2016 biopic, Barry — which follows Barack Obama’s junior year at Columbia University — Taylor-Joy plays the budding-president’s charming girlfriend, Charlotte. (Netflix)

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Thoroughbreds (2017)

Twisted comedy Thoroughbreds follows two girls who rekindle their friendship through unlikely circumstances. Taylor-Joy plays Lily, a sensitive teenager with a plan to kill her annoying stepdad. (Prime Video)

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Marrowbone (2017)

Marrowbone is a psychological-thriller about four siblings living in a haunted home after their mothers passing. Taylor-Joy stars as the family’s friend, Allie, who tries to help them escape. (Prime Video)

Radioactive (2019)

Radioactive tells the historical story of Nobel Prize Winner, Marie Curie and her discovery of radium. Taylor-Joy joined the cast as Curie’s supportive daughter, Irene. (Prime Video)

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Glass (2019)

Taylor-Joy reprised her role as Casey Cook in the movie, Glass. The film is a sequel to Split, and features Casey’s attempts to help tame her captor (James McAvoy) who's been caught terrorizing the streets of Philadelphia. (Prime Video)

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Emma (2020)

The period-drama Emma takes place in 1800s England, where Taylor-Joy plays a young woman meddling in her friends' messy love lives. (Cinemax)

Here Are The Young Men (2020)

In Here Are The Young Men, Taylor-Joy plays an adventurous Dublin teenager who skips school with her friends, leading to a series of dangerous and debacherous events. (Prime Video)

The New Mutants (2020)

In The New Mutants, Taylor-Joy plays one of five teenagers who discover their supernatural abilities while living in a psychiatric hospital. When their stay takes a turn for the worst, the group is forced to rally together to make it out alive. (HBO Max)

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Last Night in Soho, 2021

Taylor-Joy's most recent project follows an aspiring fashion designer who inherits the ability to travel to the 1960s and live as a glamorous singer named Sandy. Things take a dark turn when she discovers Sandys life isn’t as glitzy as it seems. (In theaters October 29th)

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