Christina Milian sings the theme song for Disney Channel's spy TV show 'Kim Possible.'


11 Children's TV Show Songs That Still Hit As Adults

Before Backyardigans, there were these classics.

Let’s be honest: some of the best songs on television are made for kids. As the catchy tunes from Backyardigans are taking off on TikTok, NYLON dove through the archives to find the best children’s TV show songs that still hit even as adults, from Arthur to Steven Universe.

Arthur Theme Song (1996)

Performed by Ziggy Marley, the reggae-influenced theme song for Arthur has been covered by everyone from the Backstreet Boys to Chance The Rapper.

Marc Brown/IMDB

Dragon Tales Theme Song (1999)

We can’t get enough of the funky drums on this whimsical bop of a theme song for Dragon Tales.


Between The Lions Theme Song (1999)

Fully convinced that the Emmy-winning show Between The Lions and its Cindy Mizelle-sung theme song taught me how to read.


As Told By Ginger Theme Song (2000)

Iconic soul artist Macy Gray sings the theme song for Nickelodeon’s As Told By Ginger — enough said!


The Proud Family Theme Song (2001)

It makes sense that The Proud Family’s theme song was so iconic once you learn it was performed by Solange featuring Destiny’s Child.


Kim Possible Theme Song (2002)

This glitchy theme song, sung by Y2K darling Christina Milian, made a generation of girls want to live the chic spy life. Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me!


“Gary Come Home” from SpongeBob SquarePants (2005)

The only tender ballad dedicated to a snail guaranteed to make you cry.


“Gitchee Gitchee Goo” from Phineas & Ferb (2008)

Disney’s Phineas & Ferb always delivered the heat, and this retro-sounding, full-on heart-eyes love ditty was no exception.


“Electric Love” from Bob’s Burgers (2013)

While Bob’s Burgers isn’t strictly (or recommended to be) a children’s show, the cartoon’s many musical tracks are some of TV’s best.


“Stronger Than You” from Steven Universe (2015)

With legendary vocalist Estelle voicing Garnet, there’s no way her song “Stronger Than You” from Steven Universe wasn’t going to be an instant banger.

Cartoon Network/YouTube

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