A still from Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean."


Justin Bieber’s Music Video Evolution, From Tween Heartthrob To Pop King

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the world grew up with the pop star.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we grew up with Justin Bieber, and nowhere is that reminder more obvious than revisiting his progression via his decade-long catalog of music videos. From "One Time," to "Peaches," we tracked his evolution from teen heartthrob to the pop prince he is today.

“One Time” (2009)

The one that started it all and skyrocketed a 15-year-old Bieber into the heart-eyes of tween girls everywhere! Who needs a boyband?


“Baby” (2010)

The expectations for a bowling birthday party were forever changed.


“As Long As You Love Me” (2012)

Not a video but a “short film,” “As Long As You Love Me” was Bieber’s first “grown-up” visual featuring a Michael Madson cameo, an action-packed plot, and steamy scenes.


“Beauty And A Beat” ft. Nicki Minaj (2012)

Perhaps the only video that’s been written, directed, and shot by Bieber, but that’s mostly because it’s all shot on a GoPro at a fun-as-heck looking pool party.


“Confident” ft. Chance The Rapper (2014)

Maybe the best video from his underrated Journals era, “Confident” is another mini-film that includes a cute scene of Bieber using a Taki-themed pick-up line.


“I’ll Show You” (2015)

This gorgeous visual of Bieber running through the mountains of Iceland was a peak in his overall excellent Purpose era.


“What Do You Mean” (2015)

I feel conflicted about this video; it’s absolutely mesmerizing to look at but the plot is... majorly toxic?


“Sorry” (2015)

The video that launched a thousand remakes, thanks to the choreography of New Zealand dance mastermind Parris Goebel.


“I’m The One” - DJ Khaled ft. Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne (2017)

In which Bieber, DJ Khaled’s featured artists and a gaggle of girls vape, dance, and bop around a tropical mansion in an extremely 2017 fashion.


“Stuck With U” ft. Ariana Grande (2020)

A universally heartwarming compilation of homemade fan videos from a universally dark time (plus Justin and Hailey slow-dancing in their enormous kitchen).


“Holy” ft. Chance The Rapper (2020)

In which Biebs is reborn as a faith-filled, construction-working family man.


“Lonely” ft. Benny Blanco (2020)

Perhaps his saddest song to date, the video features a mini-Bieber lookalike experiencing the blinding transformation of fame at a too-young age.


“Hold On” (2021)

A highly dramatic short film from the Bieber canon, “Hold On” is a dramatic tale that ends with Biebs being shot by police after robbing a bank with a fake gun to help his dying wife. Folks, this is cinema.


“Peaches” ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon (2021)

This buttery smooth R&Bieber track gets an equally languorous video that takes us on a neon-lit cruise down the boulevard.


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