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Harry Styles' Music Video Evolution From "Sign Of The Times" To "As It Was"

The star’s bold music video catalog has only gotten better and more idiosyncratic.

It’s hard moving on from being in one of the biggest boy bands in the world, but Harry Styles did it with ease. This partly can be credited to his bold music video catalog, which helped him shape a singular artistic identity from the jump — and which has only gotten better and more idiosyncratic. After the jump, we traced the star’s videos that have pushed him to become a true auteur, from “Sign of the Times” to “As It Was.”

“Sign Of The Times” (2017)

Harry Styles floated above the world — literally — in his dramatic, first-ever solo music video for “Sign Of The Times.” Critics called it indulgent and “pretty weird” upon release, but we think it still remains one of the most iconic entrances for a solo artist. (YouTube)