9 shows like succession to watch
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9 Shows Like 'Succession' To Stream

From ‘The Morning Show’ to ‘White Lotus,’ we’ve got you covered while you wait for season 4.

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After its shocking Season 3 finale, Succession fans might be looking for something to stream with the same level of twisted turns. Look no further, then, for 9 shows that deal into dysfunctional families, wealth dynasties, and darkly comedic workplace drama.

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The White Lotus

The White Lotus is a natural sister show to Succession, with the antics of oblivious wealthy people front and center while workplace turmoil churns in the background. (HBO)

The Morning Show

Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon take on the high stakes dynamics of national morning television amid the backdrop of the Me Too era, with a healthy dose of interpersonal drama. (Apple TV)

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The Righteous Gemstones

This Danny McBride-starring comedy about a family-owned mega church takes on the phoniness of for-profit religion and the complexity of family-run businesses. (Hulu)

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Nine Perfect Strangers

In which rich people looking for healing visit a cult-like retreat led by Nicole Kidman, who proceeds to (spoiler alert!) dose them all with psychedelics. (Hulu)

Big Little Lies

The hit, female-driven drama with a murder mystery at the center features intense storylines, complex character dynamics, and beautiful coastal real estate. (HBO/Hulu)

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The Other Two

The Other Two is a hilarious take on what happens when one member of a family becomes famous — and what happens to everyone else. (HBO Max)


For a heady financial drama with family dynamics at the center, Billions manages to do a lot all at once, with plenty of payoff. (Hulu)


Few workplace dramedies hold a candle to Veep, the Julia Louis-Dreyfus-starring, quick-witted series about Washington that sometimes hits a little too close to home. (HBO Max)

Arrested Development

Though a bit more slapstick than the other entries on this list, Arrested Development was a pioneer in taking on a ridiculous family fighting over money and trying to forge its way in the world. (Netflix)

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