Larsen Thompson Shares Her BTS Photos from “The Midnight Club” Set

As a Halloween treat, the actress shares her on-set snaps.

If you’re looking for something spooky to stream this Halloween, look no further than Netflix’s The Midnight Club. The horror-mystery show debuted earlier this month to rave reviews — and a world record. The first episode of the series broke the Guinness World Record for the most scripted jump-scares in a single episode of television. Here, actress Larsen Thompson proves that the cast had just as much fun making the scares as the horror-lovers had watching them, with some exclusive BTS photos.

“Julia Jayne's camera test day! It’s happening!!!”
“Day 1 of filming, and she’s living in the ‘60s.”
“First night the whole Midnight Club got together… We felt it was fitting to build a fort and watch scary movies!”
“My set buddy Biscuit! he’s my good luck charm.”
“Sticker fun with Chris and Aya.”
“A still from camera.”
“Julia catches a nice ride to find Aceso.”
“My adorable TV grandma.”
“Why do we look pissed? LOL!”
“That’s a wrap!”

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